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Useful Links

Free Anti Virus Programs (Note: You should only use one Anti Virus program)

Avast (Anti Virus) for PC/Mac/Android
AVG (Anti Virus) (PC/Mac)
Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7/Vista)
Malwarebytes (PC/Mac/Android)

Spam Reader
How to configure SpamAssassin in cPanel
cPanel Tutorials: Global Email Filters

Website Inspection Tools 
Quttera Website Virus Scanner
Free Website Malware and Security Scanner

Structured Data Testing

WA Snap
Quttera Malware Scanner

Check to see if your website is on a Black List
Check Email and website Black Listing
Is your website Mobile Friendly ?

How Fast is your WebSite? 

Check Out Your DNS Settings

Photo Editing
Create beautiful designs with your team. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations

Graphic Stock

Other Links
Google Play Music
Favicon Creater

Business name registration
Search for, register and renew a business name online.

Computer Back Up 

Business risks are inherent in almost every venture, but there’s no reason to risk losing your data. Backblaze is the only service that provides unlimited backup. They offer the most reliable, comprehensive and affordable business backup solution available for laptops and desktops.
Continuous & Automatic for PC and Mac. Give them a try.

Transfer Large Images

Open Zip Files


This tool allows the designer to research sites efficiently without the need to inspect each element, in order to be aware of current design trends and inform their own design decisions.

Icons for everything

 Regain access to my account or my domain